About Haven

Our Philosophy

At Haven, our mission is to provide nonjudgemental support to you and your loved little ones. We believe that parents and dedicated professionals truly love and care for children and want to nurture them as they grow. They work to gently offer guidance to the child while respecting the child’s innate capacities for growth. We believe that providing informed, intentional care is a skill. Caregivers, like children, are able to grow and develop in their roles.


We believe that children are creative, capable, and intuitive. They rely on secure relationships with caregivers to lead their own learning and development. We believe this is a parallel process, in which the child and caregiver learn and grow together. 


Whether you are a parent, early childhood professional, or both, we have the skills and expertise to help you evolve your caregiving practice. 



MS, Child Development


Grazyna Jakubowska


Stacy is a child development specialist who has dedicated her life to lightening the load of families through her work. She has worked as a clinical supervisor for in-home behavioral and developmental therapy, as an educator and researcher in museums, preschools and daycare centers as well as an instructor at City Colleges of Chicago teaching human and child development. She is also a certified eco-therapist, using the natural world to support positive therapeutic outcomes for children and families. Stacy believes that all parents want the best for their children. All parents are capable of providing informed, intentional care when they feel seen, heard, and supported. Stacy believes that children are intuitive and brilliant and that they are their parents' best teachers. When caregivers tune into children to find a rhythm and a flow, lasting bonds are formed and invaluable learning takes place.

Grazyna is a Licensed Clinical Social worker with ten years of experience working with young children and their parents. She has worked as a childcare provider in daycare, home, and crisis-nursery settings, as a social worker/home visitor providing counseling and child development screenings to families from the prenatal stages to the time their children enter school, and as an Early Childhood Mental Health Consultant, providing teachers and staff with support for children with challenging situations which can present in challenging behaviors. Grazyna also has experience providing child-directed play therapy. In all her roles, Grazyna's guiding principal is that the parent is the expert on their child and that a supported child is one whose parents are supported. When a parent can trust their support system, they can in turn begin to trust the process of following their child's lead as they build relationships and learn together.